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Charlie Hornsby

Python Web Developer

About me

I am a full-stack web developer working with Python and Django in an e-commerce software house in Helsinki. I've worked with Python for four years and I also have experience with Java and development for Android. I have one published app on the Play Store and another in development to help collect data on tourists visisting Helsinki.

I try to contribute to open source and support the efforts of the Django Girls organisation in their effort to increase diversity in the technology industry. If you are interested in Django web development then do check out their excellent tutorial.

Data Collection App

My current side-project is a data collection app for tourist movement across the city of Helsinki. The app makes use of Google Play Services to leverage location and activity data using battery efficient methods. This project has been in partnership with a doctoral student at Aalto University and is open source to allow other research groups to take advantage of the methodology in other studies.

Ludum Dare #32

In early 2015 I took part in the Ludum Dare game jam and helped a small team to develop an HTML5 game to fit the theme "unconventional weapons". Our submission is publicly available to play and the source is accessible on Github.


My most important project was completed for my Masters thesis in Computational Chemistry. The project sought to describe forces between molecules using a forcefield-style set of empirical potentials. The source code is available from the GitHub repository and we also deployed a version to the cloud using Google App Engine which is hosted here.


Inspired by @gabrielecirulli's popular tile-based game, this showcases an interactive tile flipping puzzle that I created from scratch. Try to set all the tiles to the grey side.

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Battle Calculator for Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

More recently I created a browser-based calculator that would simulate the outcome of battles in Nintendo's turn-based strategy game "Fire Emblem". It offers a wide range of customisation in addition to much of the standard data which is stored in the JSON format. The calculator can be found here.

Colourful Bubbles

Shows the programmatic replacement of DOM elements with random colours.